About Marsha

Born in 1971 Malvern based artist Marsha Parkins has been a creative force in the modern and fantasy art world since 1987 when she started MP Productions.

The foundation of her career coincided with a move to the United States where as a freelance artist she worked with corporations like Disney, on the Lion King project, as well as Sea World Miami, Miami Dade Police Force and the Sedona Journal of Emergence. In addition to this Marsha has turned her hand to a variety of work including the illustration of maps, books, T-shirts and tattoos.

 Marsha’s ability to work in a variety of mediums including pen and ink, watercolour, acrylics and oils along with her experience of illustration to fulfil a clients specific requirements make her the first choice for many projects.

Marsha’s most recent work includes a series of black and white abstracts, some of which have been bespoke to include items of personal interest to the clients, a series of graphic designs to be used as website buttons for  Chris Hollier of Crew Finder and three portraits themed around the signs of the Zodiac.

Now living back in Malvern with her long term partner Sunny, Marsha’s studio is based at The Tiger Arts Gallery where she continues to work on commissions, personal projects and the production of her first book the Otto of Tarnia. Marsha can be contacted on Facebook or through this website.